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Simplified Commercial Plumbing Solutions

At The Plumbing & Rooter Company in Columbus, Georgia, we simplify the otherwise complex process of plumbing maintenance. This allows you to deal with commercial plumbing requirements easily and conveniently. 

Backflow Testing & Installation Service

We are a recognized testing company. Our knowledge and experience enable us to install and manage all sizes and models of backflow prevention assemblies. After we do tests, you learn about the results as soon as possible. We make sure that your record is on file and updated annually. Our simplified process involves:

Testing | Certification | Surveys | Service | Installation | Maintenance

Variety of Pipes

Pipe Relining

Sewer pipes damaged by roots, ground shifting, or cracked slabs can be repaired through the relining process. We offer a single-access pipe relining system that rehabilitates existing building pipes. This can be done without any excavation. 


The hydrojetting process uses high-pressure water jets to clean pipe walls and remove grease, mud, roots, or other unwanted materials. The process we use is the standard when it comes to sewer and drain cleaning.

Drain Cleaning Service

Remove oil, hair, soap, and other materials that have accumulated on the inner wall of your drains. Let our drain cleaning specialists diagnose your problem and determine the correct method to clear the blockage and make your drains function properly again. We use Bio-One™ and Bio-Clean™ products in all our drain cleaning jobs.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Let us pump out grease and sludge that has accumulated in your grease traps. We make sure that there is no significant backflow indicative of a drainage problem. The process also includes inspections for structural damage.

Electronic Leak Detection

For your peace of mind, have us install electronic leak detection equipment in your business properties. Our electronic sensor technology detects breaks and faults in underground water pipes, blocked sewers, and faulty cables. You can learn about potential damage before it occurs and take the necessary steps to avoid it.

Video Pipe Inspection

Video inspection helps you precisely determine the condition of small diameter sewer lines by inspecting pipe interiors. No excavation work is necessary. We use state-of-the-art video equipment to conduct inspections and diagnose the condition of your pipes. Get in touch with us for complete information about our commercial plumbing services.